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Sunday, December 19, 2010


winter wonder land


lovely outfit, shoes, hair, everything!

Monday scedual

Tommorrow I'll go to the city to meet up with one of my old dance mates,
which I haven't spoken in a few months, so we have a lot to keep up!
after that I'm going to my boyfriend to spend the night there.
I just hope everything with the busses and trains will be allright.. (because of all this snow)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

new shoesss

hello saturdayyy

bought new shoes!!

Christmas Time!

today my parents, the brother, sister, the boyfriend and I went to do some Christmas Shopping!
oh how I love Christmas, all those beautiful decorated trees and cosy lights, it gives me such a warm feeling!
walking trough the snowwhite landscape and then going in for a nice cup of hot chocolate, I just love it.

Pink Haze

Liz S.

Monday, December 13, 2010

I Just found my Magic Potion

is a CD by the Black Keys, which I just bought.
I'm happy with it because I like the raw sound they had on their early albums,
one like this is. (Magic Potion was released in 2006)

Fashion Nerdic

this nineteen year old girl, named Ilanka Verhoeven is absolutely amazing!
she got an incredible sense of style and I love her looks
click on the pictures to enlarge, please

Check out her blog at:
Or take a look at her Lookbook page;


herringbone braid;

boyfriend, 2

the last one's a bit scary...

Yves Saint Laurent - Red Lipss